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9th Ivo's lightning handicap marathon


Pl.NameGradeGr.WinsPlayed games
1 Adrián Lacko 9k A 6/6 100% 3+ 3+ 2+ 2+ 4+ 4+
2 Zuzana Králiková 12k A 1/3 33% 1- 1- 3+  
3 Ivo Švec 3k A 0/3 0% 1- 1- 2-  
4 Ondrej Králik 18k B 0/2 0% 1- 1-  

9th Ivo's lightning handicap marathon


Promoter and general sponsor: Ivo Švec.

Date: Traditionally alongside the Slovak championship in go from 15 May to 19 May 2013.

Place: Bojnice, hotel Regia.

Right of attendance: Everyone who knows the rules of go at least a bit. After the agreement with general sponsor also a player with grade lower than 20 kyu can enter.

Time table: Marathon begins on Wednesday 15 May 2013 at 18:00 and ends on Sunday 19 May 2013 after 12:30. Important is the time set by main referee. Games which will not be finished until this time or their results will not be written down at most 1 minute after this time will be excluded from the marathon.

Entry: Player enters the competition by playing at least one game in the marathon at given time and writes down the result into given formular.

Playing system: Every player in his free time instead of doing other pleasant activities chooses a comfortable seat and an oponent. Two players can play at most 2 games with each other. Playing time is 2x15 minutes without byoyomi. It is played with full handicap according to Ivo's rules (they differ from the Japanese ones only in the unlimited number of the handicap stones which are placed on intersections according to one's will during the playing time). In the equal game komi is 6,5 points, in handicap one it is 0,5 points. The players are obliged to write down the result into corresponding formular after the end of the game. Everyone writes down on his line the number of his opponent and sign + (won) or – (lost) and in his own interest he checks whether the same was made by opponent. All the results which are incomplete or written in wrong way will be excluded from the competition!

Criteria to define ranking: All the players will be divided into 3 groups A, B, C according to the number of the played games so that there will be the first third of the players (with the highest number of the played games) in group A, there will be the first half of remaining players in group B and the rest will be in group C. The number of players in each group will be rounded up. Final ranking will be determined so that the players of group A will end up the best followed by the players of group B and the last will be the players of group C. The players in each group will be ranked according to following criteria:

  1. percentage of winning games
  2. sex (you can easily guess which one Ivo prefers)
  3. age (if it is not possible to find out with sufficient accuracy this criterion will be omitted)
  4. other (especially Ivo's liking)

Main (and only) referee and organiser: Ivo who deals with all the controversial and abnormal cases and who explains all the rules, conditions and can add some missing rules. It is possible to appeal against the decision of the main referee to the general sponsor (and give him an adequate bribe).

Entry fee: 209 490,- HUF. Children under age of 100 have 100% discount. It is necessary to ask general sponsor if anyone wants an exception.

Prizes: Sweet rewards are prepared for the best 9 players. If the winner is not present at the time when the results are announced, the prize shall be fully forfeit to the other places.

Special prize: For the most beautiful girl of the competition. It will be awarded to the girl who wins the most games with boys (In the case that two girls tied winner will be the one with higher place in the marathon). It is impossible to prove but there is a chance that when playing with beautiful girl the boys concentrate more on the admiration of the beauties of the nature than the game itself.

Accomodation and meal: Everyone sleeps wherever and with whoever he wants and he does not have to eat during that.


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