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Ivo's lightning handicap marathon

Ivo's lightning handicap marathon is promoted, organised and sponsored by Ivo Švec. The whole competition was created spontaneously alongside the Slovak championship in 1998 and has been a traditional event accompanying the Slovak championships since then. The first year did not have clearly stated rules yet and consisted of two independent cathegories: the most efficient player and the most active one. A creation of these cathegories was inspired by similar marathons organised alongside other competitions in go. Ivo has never liked this method of evaluation and therefore these cathegories have been unified since the second year and a competition with specific way of evaluation and special advisory criteria was created.

In 2000 a competition for the mish of the marathon was introduced. However, it did not meet the expectations and has not been promoted the next years due to its low popularity.

Starting in 2004 the youth and junior cathegories of Slovak championship began to take place in different time and place as the main cathegory and due to the fact that Ivo's marathon was popular mainly among younger players and Ivo was not present on the championship of these cathegories, the marathon could not take place.

Since 2008 the Slovak championship has been known as an open tournament, but because of the inappropriate choice of the date, the reintroduction of the marathon was impossible. This became possible in 2012 when the Slovak championship took place on the traditional date. Ivo did not take part in Slovak championship in 2012, 2014 and 2015 because his priority was a rival event.

Since 2011 similar marathons with the same rules have been organised.

Winners of individual years

  • Year 2018 → Winner: Ondrej Králik, The most beautiful girl: Dominika Štelbacká
  • Year 2013 → Winner: Adrián Lacko, The most beautiful girl: Zuzana Králiková
  • Year 2011 → Winner: Michal Králik, The most beautiful girl: Katarína Smoláriková
  • Year 2010 → Winner: Pavol Lisý ml., The most beautiful girl: Barbora Waczulíková
  • Year 2003 → Winner: Jakub Kráľ
  • Year 2002 → Winner: Pavol Lisý ml.
  • Year 2001 → Winner: Pavol Lisý ml.
  • Year 2000 → Winner: Barbora Waczulíková, Mish of the marathon: Barbora Karailieva
  • Year 1999 → Winner: Ivo Švec
  • Year 1998 → The most efficient player: Ján Milián, The most active player: Barbora Waczulíková

Winners of the others marathons


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