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About rating

Rating of the European Go Federation was derived from ELO system used in chess. The adjustment of the system as well as the constants took place in Czech Go association and in November 1998 this system became an official rating of the European Go Federation. Rating database contains tournaments from 1 January 1996. Since 1 June 1999 this system combined with classification tables used at that time has become a part of ranking system of Slovak Go Association.

Due to the fact that on tournaments in Czech republic the grades have not been used for a while and players have been set according to the rating and also because of some previously rejected suggestions for change, classification committee submitted a proposal of the ranking system which was accepted by the board of Slovak Go Association and it became valid from 1 January 2014. From this date the use of classification tables and temporary grades was canceled and new grades correspond to the rating accurately.

A distinct programming change was experienced by my page with rating, too. Given that the calculation of grades has become easier than in past, I could have realized an automatic interconnection to European Go Database (EGD) and automatically update the rating as well as the grades of Slovak go players. Automatic control and update of the rating arecurrently realized every half hour (26 and 56 minutes from the hour).

Display of DGor data has also undergone a change. On EGD webpage it is mentioned only with the players who have recently participated in any tournament. When manually updating rating I used to download and state the data. However, the data is not available when downloaded automatically. It is probably not saved in the database and probably just calculated. It is not the type of data of high importance so I started to calculate it, too. Because of that certain deviations connected mainly with rounding or with some system changes in EGD might occur.

Due to the fact that EGD does not use diacritic, every new Slovak player gets name and surname from EGD at first and later, I will manually correct it and I will add the club, too.

With the conversion to the new system I also canceled manual sending of files with rating. Everyone who wishes to be informed about each change in Slovak rating shall let me know and I will subscribe him as the receiver of an automatically sent email with changes. It is also possible to request unsubscription from this list and without warning will be unsubscribed everyone who is found to have problems with email delivery.


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